When you use redis-cli to connect to a shard of a Redis Cluster, you are connected to that shard only, and cannot access data from other shards. If you try to access keys from the wrong shard, you will get a MOVED error.

There is a trick you can use with redis-cli so you don’t have to open connections to all the shards, but instead you let it do the connect and reconnect work for you. It’s the redis-cli cluster support mode, triggered by the -c switch:

$ redis-cli -p 7000 -c

When in cluster mode, if the client gets an (error) MOVED 15495 error response from the shard it’s connected to, it will simply reconnect to the address returned in the error response, in this case

Now it’s your turn: use redis-cli cluster mode to connect to your cluster and try accessing keys in different shards. Observe the response messages.