It is time now to see how to use search with Redis Stack in your application.

Run the Sample Application#

The application and all the services, including Redis Stack, are available as a Docker Compose application.

If you have not already downloaded the project, clone it:

> git clone https://github.com/RediSearch/redisearch-getting-started.git

> cd redisearch-getting-started

To run the application:

> cd sample-app

> docker-compose up --force-recreate --build

This Docker Compose will start:

  1. 1.Redis Stack instance on port 6380, and import all movies, actors and create indexes
  2. 2.The Java, Node and Python REST Services available on port 8085, 8086, 8087
  3. 3.The frontend on port 8084

Once started you can access the application and its services using the following URLs:

  • http://localhost:8084
  • http://localhost:8085/api/1.0/movies/search?q=star&offset=0&limit=10
  • http://localhost:8086/api/1.0/movies/search?q=star&offset=0&limit=10
  • http://localhost:8087/api/1.0/movies/search?q=star&offset=0&limit=10

Stop and Delete Everything#

Run the following command to delete the containers & images:

> docker-compose down -v --rmi local --remove-orphans