Available since: 2.6.0

Time complexity: O(N) with N being the number of scripts in cache

ACL categories: @slow @scripting

Flush the Lua scripts cache.

By default, SCRIPT FLUSH will synchronously flush the cache. Starting with Redis 6.2, setting the lazyfree-lazy-user-flush configuration directive to "yes" changes the default flush mode to asynchronous.

It is possible to use one of the following modifiers to dictate the flushing mode explicitly:

  • ASYNC: flushes the cache asynchronously
  • SYNC: flushes the cache synchronously

For more information about EVAL scripts please refer to Introduction to Eval Scripts.


Simple string reply

Behavior change history

  • >= 6.2.0: Default flush behavior now configurable by the lazyfree-lazy-user-flush configuration directive.


  • Starting with Redis version 6.2.0: Added the ASYNC and SYNC flushing mode modifiers.