As of Redis version 6.2.0, this command is regarded as deprecated.

It can be replaced by ZRANGE with the REV and BYLEX arguments when migrating or writing new code.

ZREVRANGEBYLEX key max min [LIMIT offset count]
Available since:
Time complexity:
O(log(N)+M) with N being the number of elements in the sorted set and M the number of elements being returned. If M is constant (e.g. always asking for the first 10 elements with LIMIT), you can consider it O(log(N)).
ACL categories:
@read, @sortedset, @slow,

When all the elements in a sorted set are inserted with the same score, in order to force lexicographical ordering, this command returns all the elements in the sorted set at key with a value between max and min.

Apart from the reversed ordering, ZREVRANGEBYLEX is similar to ZRANGEBYLEX.


ZADD myzset 0 a 0 b 0 c 0 d 0 e 0 f 0 g ZREVRANGEBYLEX myzset [c - ZREVRANGEBYLEX myzset (c - ZREVRANGEBYLEX myzset (g [aaa

RESP2 Reply

Array reply: a list of members in the specified score range.

RESP3 Reply

Array reply: List of the elements in the specified score range.
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