ACL CAT [categoryname]
Available since:
Time complexity:
O(1) since the categories and commands are a fixed set.
ACL categories:

The command shows the available ACL categories if called without arguments. If a category name is given, the command shows all the Redis commands in the specified category.

ACL categories are very useful in order to create ACL rules that include or exclude a large set of commands at once, without specifying every single command. For instance, the following rule will let the user karin perform everything but the most dangerous operations that may affect the server stability:

ACL SETUSER karin on +@all -@dangerous

We first add all the commands to the set of commands that karin is able to execute, but then we remove all the dangerous commands.

Checking for all the available categories is as simple as:

 1) "keyspace"
 2) "read"
 3) "write"
 4) "set"
 5) "sortedset"
 6) "list"
 7) "hash"
 8) "string"
 9) "bitmap"
10) "hyperloglog"
11) "geo"
12) "stream"
13) "pubsub"
14) "admin"
15) "fast"
16) "slow"
17) "blocking"
18) "dangerous"
19) "connection"
20) "transaction"
21) "scripting"

Then we may want to know what commands are part of a given category:

> ACL CAT dangerous
 1) "flushdb"
 2) "acl"
 3) "slowlog"
 4) "debug"
 5) "role"
 6) "keys"
 7) "pfselftest"
 8) "client"
 9) "bgrewriteaof"
10) "replicaof"
11) "monitor"
12) "restore-asking"
13) "latency"
14) "replconf"
15) "pfdebug"
16) "bgsave"
17) "sync"
18) "config"
19) "flushall"
20) "cluster"
21) "info"
22) "lastsave"
23) "slaveof"
24) "swapdb"
25) "module"
26) "restore"
27) "migrate"
28) "save"
29) "shutdown"
30) "psync"
31) "sort"


Array reply: a list of ACL categories or a list of commands inside a given category. The command may return an error if an invalid category name is given as argument.


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