CF.INSERTNX key [CAPACITY capacity] [NOCREATE] ITEMS item [item ...]
Available in:
Redis Stack / Bloom 1.0.0
Time complexity:
O(n * (k + i)), where n is the number of items, k is the number of sub-filters and i is maxIterations



Note: CF.INSERTNX is an advanced command that can have unintended impact if used incorrectly.

CF.INSERT {key} [CAPACITY {capacity}] [NOCREATE] ITEMS {item ...}
CF.INSERTNX {key} [CAPACITY {capacity}] [NOCREATE] ITEMS {item ...}


Adds one or more items to a cuckoo filter, allowing the filter to be created with a custom capacity if it does not exist yet.

This command is equivalent to a CF.EXISTS + CF.ADD command. It does not insert an element into the filter if its fingerprint already exists and therefore better utilizes the available capacity. However, if you delete elements it might introduce false negative error rate!

These commands offers more flexibility over the ADD and ADDNX commands, at the cost of more verbosity.


  • key: The name of the filter
  • capacity: Specifies the desired capacity of the new filter, if this filter does not exist yet. If the filter already exists, then this parameter is ignored. If the filter does not exist yet and this parameter is not specified, then the filter is created with the module-level default capacity which is 1024. See CF.RESERVE for more information on cuckoo filter capacities.
  • NOCREATE: If specified, prevents automatic filter creation if the filter does not exist. Instead, an error is returned if the filter does not already exist. This option is mutually exclusive with CAPACITY.
  • item: One or more items to add. The ITEMS keyword must precede the list of items to add.


O(n + i), where n is the number of sub-filters and i is maxIterations. Adding items requires up to 2 memory accesses per sub-filter. But as the filter fills up, both locations for an item might be full. The filter attempts to Cuckoo swap items up to maxIterations times.


An array of booleans (as integers) corresponding to the items specified. Possible values for each element are:

  • > 0 if the item was successfully inserted
  • 0 if the item already existed and INSERTNX is used.
  • <0 if an error occurred

Note that for CF.INSERT, the return value is always be an array of >0 values, unless an error occurs.


Array reply of Integer reply - where "1" means the item has been added to the filter, and "0" mean, the item already existed. Error reply when filter parameters are erroneous


redis> CF.INSERTNX cf CAPACITY 1000 ITEMS item1 item2 
1) (integer) 1
2) (integer) 1
redis> CF.INSERTNX cf CAPACITY 1000 ITEMS item1 item2 item3
1) (integer) 0
2) (integer) 0
3) (integer) 1
redis> CF.INSERTNX cf_new CAPACITY 1000 NOCREATE ITEMS item1 item2 
(error) ERR not found
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