PEXPIREAT key unix-time-milliseconds [NX | XX | GT | LT]
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@keyspace, @write, @fast,

PEXPIREAT has the same effect and semantic as EXPIREAT, but the Unix time at which the key will expire is specified in milliseconds instead of seconds.


The PEXPIREAT command supports a set of options since Redis 7.0:

  • NX -- Set expiry only when the key has no expiry
  • XX -- Set expiry only when the key has an existing expiry
  • GT -- Set expiry only when the new expiry is greater than current one
  • LT -- Set expiry only when the new expiry is less than current one

A non-volatile key is treated as an infinite TTL for the purpose of GT and LT. The GT, LT and NX options are mutually exclusive.


Integer reply, specifically:

  • 1 if the timeout was set.
  • 0 if the timeout was not set. e.g. key doesn't exist, or operation skipped due to the provided arguments.


SET mykey "Hello" PEXPIREAT mykey 1555555555005 TTL mykey PTTL mykey


  • Starting with Redis version 7.0.0: Added options: NX, XX, GT and LT.


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