PEXPIREAT key unix-time-milliseconds [NX | XX | GT | LT]
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@keyspace, @write, @fast,

PEXPIREAT has the same effect and semantic as EXPIREAT, but the Unix time at which the key will expire is specified in milliseconds instead of seconds.


The PEXPIREAT command supports a set of options since Redis 7.0:

  • NX -- Set expiry only when the key has no expiry
  • XX -- Set expiry only when the key has an existing expiry
  • GT -- Set expiry only when the new expiry is greater than current one
  • LT -- Set expiry only when the new expiry is less than current one

A non-volatile key is treated as an infinite TTL for the purpose of GT and LT. The GT, LT and NX options are mutually exclusive.


SET mykey "Hello" PEXPIREAT mykey 1555555555005 TTL mykey PTTL mykey


One of the following:

  • Integer reply: 1 if the timeout was set.
  • Integer reply: 0 if the timeout was not set. For example, if the key doesn't exist, or the operation was skipped due to the provided arguments.


  • Starting with Redis version 7.0.0: Added options: NX, XX, GT and LT.
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