RESTORE-ASKING key ttl serialized-value [REPLACE] [ABSTTL]
  [IDLETIME seconds] [FREQ frequency]
Available since:
Time complexity:
O(1) to create the new key and additional O(NM) to reconstruct the serialized value, where N is the number of Redis objects composing the value and M their average size. For small string values the time complexity is thus O(1)+O(1M) where M is small, so simply O(1). However for sorted set values the complexity is O(NMlog(N)) because inserting values into sorted sets is O(log(N)).
ACL categories:
@keyspace, @write, @slow, @dangerous,

The RESTORE-ASKING command is an internal command. It is used by a Redis cluster master during slot migration.


  • Starting with Redis version 3.0.0: Added the REPLACE modifier.
  • Starting with Redis version 5.0.0: Added the ABSTTL modifier.
  • Starting with Redis version 5.0.0: Added the IDLETIME and FREQ options.


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