TS.DEL key fromTimestamp toTimestamp
Available in:
Redis Stack / TimeSeries 1.6.0
Time complexity:
O(N) where N is the number of data points that will be removed

Delete all samples between two timestamps for a given time series


Required arguments


is key name for the time series.


is start timestamp for the range deletion.


is end timestamp for the range deletion.

The given timestamp interval is closed (inclusive), meaning that samples whose timestamp eqauls the fromTimestamp or toTimestamp are also deleted.

Return value

Integer reply: The number of samples that were removed.


Delete range of data points

Create time series for temperature in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, then add different temperature samples.> TS.CREATE temp:TLV LABELS type temp location TLV
OK> TS.CREATE temp:JLM LABELS type temp location JLM
OK> TS.MADD temp:TLV 1000 30 temp:TLV 1010 35 temp:TLV 1020 9999 temp:TLV 1030 40
1) (integer) 1000
2) (integer) 1010
3) (integer) 1020
4) (integer) 1030> TS.MADD temp:JLM 1005 30 temp:JLM 1015 35 temp:JLM 1025 9999 temp:JLM 1035 40
1) (integer) 1005
2) (integer) 1015
3) (integer) 1025
4) (integer) 1035

Delete the range of data points for temperature in Tel Aviv.> TS.DEL temp:TLV 1000 1030
(integer) 4

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