UNLINK key [key ...]
Available since:
Time complexity:
O(1) for each key removed regardless of its size. Then the command does O(N) work in a different thread in order to reclaim memory, where N is the number of allocations the deleted objects where composed of.
ACL categories:
@keyspace, @write, @fast,

This command is very similar to DEL: it removes the specified keys. Just like DEL a key is ignored if it does not exist. However the command performs the actual memory reclaiming in a different thread, so it is not blocking, while DEL is. This is where the command name comes from: the command just unlinks the keys from the keyspace. The actual removal will happen later asynchronously.


Integer reply: The number of keys that were unlinked.


SET key1 "Hello" SET key2 "World" UNLINK key1 key2 key3


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