XINFO CONSUMERS key groupname
Available since:
Time complexity:
ACL categories:
@read, @stream, @slow,

This command returns the list of consumers that belong to the <groupname> consumer group of the stream stored at <key>.

The following information is provided for each consumer in the group:

  • name: the consumer's name
  • pending: the number of pending messages for the client, which are messages that were delivered but are yet to be acknowledged
  • idle: the number of milliseconds that have passed since the consumer last interacted with the server


Array reply: a list of consumers.


> XINFO CONSUMERS mystream mygroup
1) 1) name
   2) "Alice"
   3) pending
   4) (integer) 1
   5) idle
   6) (integer) 9104628
2) 1) name
   2) "Bob"
   3) pending
   4) (integer) 1
   5) idle
   6) (integer) 83841983
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