As of Redis version 6.2.0, this command is regarded as deprecated.

It can be replaced by GEOSEARCH with the BYRADIUS and FROMMEMBER arguments when migrating or writing new code.

GEORADIUSBYMEMBER_RO key member radius <M | KM | FT | MI>
Available since:
Time complexity:
O(N+log(M)) where N is the number of elements inside the bounding box of the circular area delimited by center and radius and M is the number of items inside the index.
ACL categories:
@read, @geo, @slow,

Read-only variant of the GEORADIUSBYMEMBER command.

This command is identical to the GEORADIUSBYMEMBER command, except that it doesn't support the optional STORE and STOREDIST parameters.


One of the following:

  • If no WITH* option is specified, an Array reply of matched member names
  • If WITHCOORD, WITHDIST, or WITHHASH options are specified, the command returns an Array reply of arrays, where each sub-array represents a single item:
    • The distance from the center as a floating point number, in the same unit specified in the radius.
    • The Geohash integer.
    • The coordinates as a two items x,y array (longitude,latitude).

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