ZDIFF numkeys key [key ...] [WITHSCORES]

Available since: 6.2.0

Time complexity: O(L + (N-K)log(N)) worst case where L is the total number of elements in all the sets, N is the size of the first set, and K is the size of the result set.

ACL categories: @read @sortedset @slow

This command is similar to ZDIFFSTORE, but instead of storing the resulting sorted set, it is returned to the client.


Array reply: the result of the difference (optionally with their scores, in case the WITHSCORES option is given).


ZADD zset1 1 "one" ZADD zset1 2 "two" ZADD zset1 3 "three" ZADD zset2 1 "one" ZADD zset2 2 "two" ZDIFF 2 zset1 zset2 ZDIFF 2 zset1 zset2 WITHSCORES