EVAL_RO script numkeys key [key ...] arg [arg ...]

This is a read-only variant of the EVAL command that isn't allowed to execute commands that modify data.

Unlike EVAL, scripts executed with this command can always be killed and never affect the replication stream. Because it can only read data, this command can always be executed on a master or a replica.


> SET mykey "Hello"

> EVAL_RO "return redis.call('GET', KEYS[1])" 1 mykey

> EVAL_RO "return redis.call('DEL', KEYS[1])" 1 mykey
(error) ERR Error running script (call to f_359f69785f876b7f3f60597d81534f3d6c403284): @user_script:1: @user_script: 1: Write commands are not allowed from read-only scripts